About T.L. McDonald

I believe that my readers deserve the truth, so I am going to start out by admitting, here and now, that I have been on the verge of being a Crazy Cat Lady for years. I don’t think I’ve slid over the edge yet, but maybe I have and don’t realize it. 7 outside cats and 4 inside cats? Okay. But I do balance it out with a great dog, a tank full of guppies and a pet snake.

Writing has been my obsession for a very long time but (until recently) life has kept getting in the way. A psychic in New Orleans finally pointed a determined finger at me and told me it was time to start producing books.  So, I went home, dusted off some manuscripts that have been patiently waiting, and got busy.

In the belief that books that are fun to write will also be fun to read, I have been having a very good time working on the Chronicles of Mharc. I have, true, had some resistance from the felines who have insisted on being on my lap (one even tries to rest her head on my thumbs when I’m working away) but I have prevailed.

I am ecstatic that Revolution has made it! And the second book, Burden of War, is coming very soon! So, in my writing nook here in Knoxville, Tennessee, I will continue to love and adore my kids and grandkids, try to keep my local movie theatre in business, and keep bringing you tales about Mharc and all the characters in her orbit. Thanks for reading!
-T.L. McDonald